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Our Commitment to Excellence

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We Want to Be Your Partners in Achieving Amazing Oral Health

When you visit Amazing Dental Solutions, you’re more than a patient. Your smile is unique to you, and your dental care should be, too! You deserve a dentist who will spend time getting to know you as a whole person. 

We want to know what you hope better dental health can do for your life. We want to help you achieve improved wellness through healthier teeth, and we want you to have the best possible experience every time you walk into our dental office.

That’s why we start every treatment with a simple conversation. From your new patient appointment to a dental implant consultation, you can trust us to take the time to listen. 

If you’re afraid of the dentist or dental office environment, we can help with sedation options to help you achieve a positive experience. We want you to make fully informed decisions about every step of your treatment. That’s why Dr. Amaning will engage you in conversations to explore the pros and cons of your available options. He’ll make sure you understand every procedure available to you so that you can make an informed, educated decision about your oral health.

For us, dentistry is a calling. We believe everyone deserves to live without dental pain and feel confident in their smile. Poor oral health can make it hard to enjoy life, eat your favorite foods, or laugh without trying to hide your teeth. Failing teeth can affect your job prospects and your social life. Your smile is how you greet the world, and we want to help you achieve an amazing smile.

Uniquely Equipped to Give You Customized Care

Your dental office should provide complete care for your oral health. Dr. Amaning is uniquely qualified as a dentist to provide not only comprehensive care, but also highly specialized treatments no other dentist near you can offer. 

As an Associate Fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, Dr. Amaning has advanced training and qualifications that set him apart from other dentists. In fact, he teaches continuing education classes for other dentists to learn from his expertise!

To offer you the highest quality care possible, Dr. Amaning built a dental office with the technology to give you superior results. Superior diagnostic imaging with our Cone Beam CT scanner allows us to fully map your dental anatomy for unparalleled precision. 

Coupled with our intraoral cameras, we go beyond just telling you what treatments you need; we can show you! You’ll be able to see for yourself exactly what we see, and your dentist will take you step by step through your dental needs and what can be done about them.

Utilizing Advanced Technology To Treat Everyone Effectively

For patients seeking a dental office for their cosmetic or full mouth rehabilitation needs, we’ll go beyond describing our plan to you. With our advanced smile simulation technology, you’ll be able to see exactly what to expect! That way, we can work together to make adjustments, so you get the results you want and the quality of care you deserve. 

Our full on-site lab complete with 3D printers, facial scanners, and digital impressions allows Dr. Amaning to stay hands-on throughout your restoration process. It also means we can offer the best quality restorations at an affordable cost, because you should never have to compromise when it comes to your oral health.

Dr. Amaning and his team pride themselves on keeping themselves on the edge of the most advanced treatment options available and the most recent dental techniques to be able to treat each of our patients as individuals. 

Having this technology at our disposal also helps us to operate more cost-effectively which allows us to reduce costs for our patients. We understand that dental care can be costly and using the technology available to us allows us to further reduce the cost of treatment for our patients.

Providing the Results you Want, Every Time

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