Is There A Difference Between A Temporary Prosthesis And A Final Prosthesis?

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When people have one or more missing teeth or failing teeth, they will want to get those teeth replaced with gold standard dental implants in Houston, TX. After the dental implant posts and abutments have been securely placed in the patient’s jawbone, a temporary prosthesis can be placed in the same surgical procedure until the final prosthesis is ready to replace it.


There are numerous differences between temporary prostheses and final prostheses. Continue reading to learn the differences between a temporary prosthesis and a final prosthesis


What Are The Differences Between A Temporary Prosthesis And A Final Prosthesis?

When people are missing one or more teeth, they may struggle to chew and speak clearly. They might also feel embarrassed to show their full smile in pictures or worry about the impression they are making in social and professional situations. Over time, missing teeth can lead to changes in the shape of people’s faces, making them appear older than they are. With quality dental implants, however, patients can have a beautiful, functional, and healthy new smile.

There are a few major differences between a temporary prosthesis and a final prosthesis for dental implants in Houston, TX. The following goes into those differences in more detail:


Temporary Prosthesis:

As its name implies, a temporary prosthesis is only meant to last short-term, usually around six months or less. A temporary prosthesis is placed, for most patients, right after their dental implant surgical procedure. The temporary prosthesis gives patients a functional and aesthetically enhanced new smile in one day.


Final Prosthesis:

The final prosthesis is designed to be long-lasting and give patient’s the beautiful and functional new smile they need and deserve. Specifically, the color, shape, and size of the final prosthesis is custom designed to aesthetically enhance the patient’s smile and give them natural looking and feeling new teeth.


Final prostheses are usually made from more durable materials, such as porcelain or acrylic resin, and they are securely fixed to the dental implants with an abutment. A final prosthesis will provide the patient with years of comfortable and functional use, so it is important for patients to make sure that their final prosthesis is properly fitted and maintained.


How Is A Temporary Prosthesis Placed On Dental Implants?

The personalized temporary prosthesis can, in most cases, be placed and securely attached to dental implants right after they have been placed in the patient’s jawbone. This can be precisely and predictably done through advanced technologies.


How Is A Final Prosthesis Attached To Dental Implants?

After the patient’s dental implants have had time to heal in and fuse with their jawbone, usually after a few months, the custom-made final prosthesis can replace the temporary prosthesis.  and be attached to the dental implants. When the accurately made and attached final prosthesis is properly cared for, patients will have a beautiful and functional new smile for years to come.


How Is Advanced Technology Used To Give Me The Best Dental Implant Procedure Results?

Through the use of advanced technology, the doctor can accurately and precisely treat the patient with dental implants. Messy and goopy impressions do not have to be used to restore the patient’s smile with advanced technology.


See Us Now So We Can Place A Prosthesis On Your Dental Implants In Houston, TX

By understanding the differences between a temporary prosthesis and a final prosthesis, you can be better informed about which option will be best for you and your new smile needs. Both the temporary prosthesis and the final prosthesis are custom designed and made to give you the beautiful and functional new smile of your dreams.


Don’t hesitate to improve the quality of your smile and life with us. Get in contact with Dr. James Amaning and our exceptional team at our Amazing Dental Solutions office to schedule an appointment with us!

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